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September 17, 2014

To Avoid Escalating the War, Don't Arm Syrian 'Moderates'

Without viable allies on the ground in Syria or Iraq, military progress against ISIS will be hard to achieve. This in turn will encourage hawks in the U.S. Congress and among the political punditry to press for more aggressive U.S. action, including sending Special Forces or other U.S. military personnel into combat. In short, whether or not President Obama intends to send ground troops into combat in Iraq, there is a real danger that the dynamics of the conflict will lead to that result. The time to head off a wider war is now. Congress should vote today to deny authorization to arm Syrian forces; and there should be a debate and a Congressional vote before the administration is allowed to continue the war in Iraq.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Obama Insists U.S. Forces 'Do Not And Will Not' Have Combat Mission In Iraq

Barack Obama
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Robert Gates: Obama Will Need To Use Boots On The Ground To Defeat ISIS

Iraqi PM: Foreign Troops Not Wanted In Fight Against ISIS


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Vikings: OOPS!

Adrian Peterson
Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery via Getty Images

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For-Profit College Chain Cheated Students, U.S. Alleges

Hundred Dollar
Shutterstock / Basileus

Jon Stewart Makes Joe Scarborough Look Ridiculous

Jon Stewart Joe Scarborough
Comedy Central

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Marriott Skewered For Asking Guests To Help Pay Its Hotel Maids

Sources: CIA Privately Skeptical About New Syria Strategy

John Brennan
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

So Much For Religious People Being More Righteous

Adam Eve
DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI via Getty Images

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Here Are This Year's MacArthur Geniuses


What It's Like To Survive A Murder-Suicide Attempt

Lisette Johnson

6 Domestic Violence Survivors Explain Why They Couldn't 'Just Leave'

ISIS Releases Video Threatening To Attack U.S. Troops In Iraq


This Could Be McDonald's Fatal Flaw

Friend Of Murdered Journalist Levels Grave Charges At White House

Steven Sotloff
CBS News

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SWOOSH: Nike Backs Off Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson
Frederick Breedon via Getty Images

NFL Star Says He Will 'Harshly' Discipline His 1-Year-Old Daughter

Reggie Bush
Gregory Shamus via Getty Images

A Quarter Of Gubernatorial Races Look Like Tossups

Crist Scott

The Controversy Over Scotland's Independence Has Only Just Begun

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

In Some Countries, It's Illegal To Hit Your Child. Not In The U.S.

Adrian Peterson Abuse

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WATCH LIVE: Benghazi Select Committee's First Open Hearing

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Syrian Children Mysteriously 'Suffocate To Death' After Receiving Vaccinations

Syria Vaccination

Remember #BringBackOurGirls? This Is What Happened In The 5 Months Since

Boko Haram Chibok

The Real Olive Garden Scandal

Olive Garden

Ebola Cases Could Double Every 3 Weeks

DOMINIQUE FAGET via Getty Images

Some LA Schools Have Immunization Rates On Par With South Sudan's

Tim Hawley via Getty Images

Good News For Coakley

Martha Coakley
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Hannity: Parents Should Be Able To Teach Kids 'Being Gay Is Not Normal'

Sean Hannity
Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

Syria Reveals More Chemical Weapons Facilities

Syria Chemical Weapons

Ukraine Screens Its Civil Servants For Loyalty

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

New York Man Indicted For Trying To Help ISIS

Mufid Elfgeeh

Why Minecraft Fans Are Right To Be Nervous

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Conservatives Aren't Happy With The New Miss America

Miss America
Donald Kravitz via Getty Images

NFL Sponsors Call Out League


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Mississippi Coroner Tells Residents To Shoot Intruders

Door Gun
Antonio M. Rosario via Getty Images

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American Reportedly Arrested Trying To Swim To North Korea

Han River Gimpo

Jindal Calls Obama 'Science Denier' While Doubting Climate Change

Bobby Jindal
AP Photo/Molly Riley

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Congressman: We Need To Stop These 3 Harmful Myths About Suicide

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11 Teens You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

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Coming Out

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Bridge Will Send Your Stomach For A Loop

Glacier 3000

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John Travolta Responds To Gay Rumors

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Photographer Taught 1,500 Puppies To Swim

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Seth Casteel

Playboy Names The 10 Best Colleges For Partying

Shmacked Penn
Im Shmacked

Jerry Seinfeld Shares Heartbreaking Joan Rivers Text

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